Staying sane during this time is going to be a challenge. There are so many different people with so many different opinions  on what everyone should and shouldn’t be doing. How is one supposed to keep their sanity? If you are that person feeling scared and confused or getting more and more anxious by the minute because of all the recent changes in our lives, I am writing this blog for you.

Find joy in the little things during this stressful time. What are the little things bringing me joy at this moment? Well, my husband bought amazing cold brew coffee at Costco a while back for snowboarding and now that we aren’t snowboarding we have like 30 wonderful coffees in our fridge. I haven’t been sleeping as soundly so this amazing cold brew is a lifesaver while trying to do work during my 3 hour napping window that baby girl gives me. Secondly, I took my baby girl, who will be two on Sunday“hiking/walking” this morning and she loved it. Watching her little hairs blow in the wind as she sauntered around in her pink tutu gave me so much joy. Additionally, exercise has been huge for me. Yesterday my husband and I did a little 30 minute circuit workout in our driveway before baby girl woke up. Just because there is no gym, doesn’t mean no work out! If that were the case, I really would be losing my mind. All of these things over the last 24 hours have brought me peace. I hope you are able to find a couple things during these stressful times to keep your sanity and experience some calm. I always suggest exercise of course and connecting with loved ones, however that may look. If you need additional support to manage anxiety or depression please feel free to reach out as I do have Telehealth options available.