Solace Solutions Sanity Tip of the Day! 

Remember the times when your husband would get home and you might be like, “Hey baby, let’s go on a date,” or “Let’s walk down the hill to the neighborhood bar for a glass of wine.” If you have children, then these events maybe are not quite as spontaneous but us playful parents make them happen! These days, date night seems like a forgotten luxury from another life. I would like to propose you try the following to spice up tonight with your partner. First, lose the yoga pants and put on some cute jeans. Then, find a delicious cocktail recipe and create some fun drinks in a pretty glass (this is key). Lastly, go to a room in your house you don’t usually “hang out” and have a date there. We went to our basement and set up some bar chairs on a little bar/ledge, lit a candle, and had a date!