I have to say that I was always “one of those” who would talk smack about “at home workouts.” People would share with me that they did an “at home workout” and I would sigh and wonder if that would ever be a thing for me. You see, I struggle with our very complicated television system in my house so the idea of having to stay home to figure out a workout on TV sounded horrifying when I could just go to the gym. In general, I’m also just not very good at being at home. Well…then COVID-19 happened and guess what no gym! I have to say I was completely aghast. I was pretty sad when all the bars and restaurants had to shut down but then when the gym shut down I was just speechless. “What am I going to do?,” I thought…working out is such a huge part of my life. I’m a complete morning person and I love getting up early and hitting the gym or running outside which is at least 5-6 times a week. Well friends…I discovered YouTube. YouTube it turns out has everything. It has yoga, pilates and probably every workout I can fathom. The other great thing about good ol’ YouTube and our complicated television is that you can do the workout whenever you want. I may have to deal with baby girl sitting on my stomach while trying to do crunches but that’s ok, it’s better than no workout! During this time where we are all very isolated, depression and anxiety is running rampant. People are home, they are snacking more, trying to work online while homeschooling their children and overall worried about staying healthy and safe. Take my advice and turn on YouTube. Do your brain and body a favor and get an endorphin rush going. This will help you manage stress better and you will likely feel exceptional when you are done. No gym does not have to mean no workout!